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Carolina Beach, NC

Information for Buyers

If you are interested in buying a home in the Carolina Beach Area (New Hanover County):

Carolina Beach Beacg House

Create A Wish List And A Reality List

Create a "wish list" of everything you've always wanted in a home. Then, prioritize the items on that wish list. Finally, make a separate "reality list" of all of the things you can not do without. I will find homes that match your reality list and do my best to meet the criteria of your wish list!

Get Financing.

The most effective strategy to buying your new Carolina Beach home is figuring out what you can afford, and then get pre-approved before you even start looking.

Resources and Articles

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Frequently Asked Questions.

The Ten Biggest Home Buying Mistakes. Before you buy, read this article to make sure you're not committing any of the most common mistakes.

Eight Tips for Protecting Yourself When You Buy a House. This article includes some good tips for home buyers.

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